Board Meeting

Meeting Details

Meeting Date 26 Nov 2022
Meeting Time 00:00:00
Location Club House , Ambience Antilia,LMD Chowk, Bavdhan,Pune.
Meeting Type BOD
Meeting Topic Board Meeting
Meeting Agenda November Month review & next month planning of all Avenues
Chief Guest President Dr. Vishwanath Lele
Club Members Present 11
Minutes of Meeting Invitees: Rtn. Alka Kulkarni, Rtn. Rajiv Ambekar PRESIDENT: Review of the work by all Directors : Expression of gratitude towards all directors for good work in every avenue. It is resolved that Venue for the same will be Hotel Green Park on Baner Road as it is convenient to all members. Madhura Gokhale membership: It is observed that the proposer has proposed her form in last year only and it is mentioned in that form that she has paid the membership fees in last year. Whereas it is incorrect information and she has not paid any fees till the month of Dec 2022. She is inducted as the member on the day of installation of the President and board 2022 _ 23 and she has requested to waive the fellowship fees as she will not have any fellowship at any meeting. It is resolved in this board meeting that from the year 2023 _24, single members (who's spouse does not exist) will pay, Rotary international dues, District dues, club trust dues and 50% of balance dues. This amended fee structure will be effective from year 2023 24. It is resolved further that we do not want to lose any single member henceforth Hon.Secretary : Total weekly 3 Meetings done in November - Cumulative Attendance 39% 4th BOD MOM approved & circulated to all members. Hon.Treasurer Treasurer initiated PAN registration process. Procedures for signing documents is done in board.IT Dept has to give number of one of the member & even the Address for PAN. By Dec 22 PAN No. will be obtained Considering 58 Members, dues of 2 members are still pending. Overall budget and as on date expenses are under control. Director Club Administration: Program Committee : All Weekly programs are conducted as per schedule. Fellowship Committee: The chairperson along with committee members are doing work as per schedule. Bulletin Committee: 5the-Bulletin periodically published as per decided frequency .Audio Visual magazine initiative under progress. Director Membership: 2 members proposals under discussion.. they have attended meetings. Membership retention is the main focus for that every member has to be involved and to engage them in club activities. SOP is under process for Prospective Members. Director Service Projects : PP Dr. Sanjay Runwal has donated Rs. 1 lakh to the trust specifically for a senior citizens’ project. A cheque of Rs. 53,500/- was handed over to Kartaya Old Age Home on 30th Oct’22. It was used for procuring 2 fowler beds, 2 mattresses, 1 suction machine and 1 oxygen concentrator for the old age home. A formal function is being planned on 30th Nov’22. Distribution of Annual Hygiene Kits was carried out on 7th Nov’22. It was given to 85 girl students of 8th and 9th standard of Anand Shala in Khololi. This project was carried out in association of Seva Sahyog Foundation. The project was sponsored by CSR funds form Elkay of PP Rtn. Dr. Ravi and Rtn. Alaka Kulkarni. Project cost was Rs. 50,000/.Awareness Session by experts of Seva Sahyog Foundation A workshop on Career Counselling and Entrepreneurship Development was carried out in Asian College Of Arts, Science ad Commerce for students of 11th class and onwards on 12th Nov’22. This was conducted in association with The Rotary Club Of Talegaon Dabhade and President Of that club. Total 200 students attended the workshop. A similar workshop on Career Counselling and Entrepreneurship Development was held on 22 Nov’22 in Asian College of Arts, Science and Commerce for the students of management ( about 80 beneficiaries ) and then in Chandrakant Darode Highschool for students of 9th and 10th standard ( about 80 beneficiaries ). Seminar for Womens’ self help group is planned in the month of December. Nallah Restoration project in Kothrud/Karvenagar area. The detailed presentation on the same subject was given during Anns’ Interest meeting on 22nd Nov’22 to appraise the club members of the need of such projects and the challenges and benefits of conducting such projects. The presentation was given by an expert in this field Mr. Prasanna Jogdeo, co-founder of Lemnion Green Solutions who are working in this field for about 5 yea Director Foundation : Annual Giving: • A plan has been prepared and discussed based on the PHF points of members and the members are being allocated to the committee members for contacting and fecilitation. Global Grant: Application for a Global Grant of USD 32,000/- is submitted, it is under approval proce Director Club Affairs and PI: All PI and reporting activities are initiated in well manner.PI event to be done for our new project of Nallah Cleaning Club Affairs activities Attendance committee is doing personal follow up with all members for increasing the attendance for the meeting. Director Youh Services : December- January Youth Week is planned INTERACT : 10th Novemer arranged lecture of Ann Neeta Yadwad - Avoid excess use of Mobile – for students of Shishuvihar & Madhyamik School Erandawane.200 students & p benefited Rotaract: Installation in /Dec Youth week : planned in Dec/Jan Geet Gayan planned on 8th Jan 23 RYLA – one planned in Dec 22 Sargent At Arms : – Nothing to special mention but all maintenance issues handled properly IPP : Nothing special to mention. Observer/ Guests Rtn. Alka Kulkarni : Insisted to retain old members. Insisted to revise club fee structure for single member. CSR funds to be utilsed very fast. for that in JULY only projects related with CSR funds will be planned in July only and to be completed before March Rtn. Rajiv Ambekar .; All are working very efficiently . Trust meetings to be organized… Trust funding - working should be known to all members. All activities to be tracked properly. Director without Portfolio : Rtn Dr Sumedha guided with few suggestions 1 To complete the work for PAN card immediately. 2 To see that Nallah project initiates in the month of Dec 2022 3 To plan to induct the new members on the day of D G visit 4.To arrange for our foundation contributions towards global grant project 5 To initiate the You tube PI activity and other social media activities as per our plans in Planning assembly 6 To follow the protocol when VIP outside guests are invited for any program At the end she has done the self assessment training, which was an eye opener for many She insisted to follow protocol, do not discuss the board matters in club and to follow hyrar key Other Issues :-- All Board Members have to contribute for getting 5 star Citation Closing remarks by President President thanked all the BOD members for their contribution. Meeting Concluded