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Dear Friends, July has just passed…. July brings many things afresh on this earth…. Rains, Greenery, Cool Breezes, and …. a new Board in the Club….! There is always a lively atmosphere in the Club in this month. Every one is anxious. The enthusiasm level is also high…. Enjoy Rotary….! Highlights of July 2011 : • Installation was attended by Rotary biggies namely Rtn Deepak Purohit, IPDG Pramod Jejurikar, DGE Dr Girish Gune, DGN Dr Deepak Shikarpur etc. This took the function to altogether different heights. Also, my special thanks to Fellowship Committee for effecting sizeable savings. • Whooping response in projects like Blood Donation, TB Check up, Study Skills Development, and Carbon Footprints Reduction.We tested altogether different idea this time for Carbon Footprints Reduction project. We did not gather together and did not perform project at one place. For convenience, we had asked members to take steps to reduce carbon footprints at the time and place of their convenience.This facilitated greater self motivated participation. • SAR and RI / District Dues have been sent in time. Roster has also been released on FIRST DAY. Thanks to Rtn Heramb. • All the committees are performing satisfactorily. • News coverage to our activities was given in SAKAL three times in the month. Thanks to Rtn Satish Purandare, his team and Rtn Vasantro Kulkarni. • Rotract Club of BNCA have installed their Board on July 23rd. Thanks to Rtn Rutwij and his team for his fullest support to Rotractors. • Inducted 4 new members on 01st July, and in August 2011 again, we have plans to induct three new members. Thanks to Rtn Chandu & his team. • Almost 40 persons (members & Anns) enjoyed movie JINDAGI NA MILE DUBARA in City Pride, Kothrud, together. Thanks to Ann Neena. • Anns’ Interest Meet lead by PP Ann Pratibha Runwal was simply excellent. Thanks to her and Anns Rucha, Jyotsna, and Sushma. • Rtn PP Vasudeo Yadvad was appointed as Chief Trustee and Rtn PP Shriniwas Gokhale as a trustee other than ex-officio trustees. Congratulations & Thanks to both of them. • Formalities for shifting venue to BMCC Ladies Hall are almost complete. Official letter is expected from BMCC. Thanks to Rtn Gulab Ghule and his committee. • Travel Agents’ mails regarding RI Convention to Bangkok have been circulated to all. As already informed to you in my Presidential Address, we have planned our activities keeping in view the Change Maker Award which will be conferred to the Clubs who make positive changes. If we complete all activities shown in the Plan Booklet, we will be eligible to apply for this award. And last, but not the least….. Last date for payment of fees is already over. Hence, those who have still not paid are requested to kindly pay the subscriptions immediately. This will help keeping our Club financially healthy. My best wishes to all who are celebrating their birthdays & wedding anniversaries. Thanks & Regards, Yours in Rotary, Rtn Dilip Pangarkar